Initially planned to be part of a leading steel manufacturing company, in 2019, a recyclable materials buying station was planned to be put up in Cebu. Understanding how important the business is, the directors of VMRI made a deal to take over the planning and soon the operations of the buying station now called Visayas Materials Recycling Inc (VMRI). In August 7, 2020, in a very humble beginning, the company made its very first transaction.

VMRI understands that as economy improves and population grows, demand in steel becomes bigger and resources become scarce. More than ever, it is important to support the circular economy, and VMRI is proud to be part of it. The company purchases recyclable metals  and supports the biggest steel manufacturing companies locally and soon internationally by applying practical but most efficient and effective procedures in their everyday operations.

Expansion to Mindanao and Luzon are already underway.



To be the leading company in delivering significant results in support of materials recycling excellent enough to inspire and improve economies.



A world where there are sufficient resources to everyone with recycling as the main driver.


We have great respect to our values. We live and breathe our values that is why we deliver.


We aim for excellence and nothing less.

Result Oriented
We make sure we deliver significant results and we don’t stop until we achieve our objectives.

We are mindful of our actions with or without people around. We are trustworthy.

We never stop learning. We embrace change and adapt effectively.

We respect everyone. We listen as much as we speak. We are honest. We genuinely care for our suppliers and buyers as much as how we take care of our greatest asset – our employees.


We encourage new ideas. We respect opinions. We welcome creativity thus having unique solutions that make us standout.